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Keep your child away from the Social Media bullying

You won't need to worry about your child using social media anymore.

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How it works

Simple process to start

1. Track

zSecurity monitors all connected apps of your child’s phone 24X7.

2. Identify

We use advanced Machine Learning technology to identify unwanted messages.

3. Alert

Parents will be notified about the digital danger with the sensitive content.

You won't need to worry about your child using social media anymore

Monitoring your child is a powerful way to express your care for your child and better understand their behavior and choice. Created in collaboration with child psychologists, youth advisors, digital media experts, and law enforcement professionals, with world's best parental mobile app control features, zSecurity is a platform where you can monitor/track your child’s phone to protect them from digital danger. Click here for an comprehensive overview of how zSecurity track and monitors.

zSecurity consists of two apps, one is used by parents to monitor the child's phone, and the ​second, ​which has to be installed on the child’s phone and the application handles the tracking services in the respective phone. With zSecurity's best parental control app parents can now monitor their children's online texting behavior using ​an offline machine learning model ​and get alerted in real-time whenever there a cyberbullying, grooming, sexual exploitation against them.


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zSecurity is a platform that is used to monitor the usage of the internet on your child's phone. With a parent and kid-friendly interface, zSecurity has been adopted by over 100K+ users over the world. We monitor 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms, including text messaging and email, for signs of digital dangers.

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Social Media Monitoring

The zSecurity parental control app ensures cyber safety for kids by tracking chats and conversations on 30+ Social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Text & Email Monitoring

Leverage internet safety for kids by working closely with iOS and Android to monitor text, multimedia messages, and mails.

Screen Time & Web Filtering

With zSecurity, Protect your child from inappropriate contents and sites and let them enjoy the bright side of Internet.

24/7 Detection

zSecurity provide personal safety for kids by looking for an activity that may indicate cyberbullying, adult content, alcohol, and drug use, etc. and alert parents immediately.

We analysed data and came to the following conclusions


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9% of kids started abusing

Alcohol and Drugs

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20% of kids started

Skipping class

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25% of kids engaged in

Self Harm

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26% of kids had

Suicidal thoughts

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37% of kids developed


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41% of kids developed

Social Anxiety



We are humbled to deliver this platform to parents out there who are worried about their child using social media.

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  • Custome Domains
  • Sleep after 30 mins ofactivity
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  • Dedicated
  • Simple horizontalscalability

Frequently Asked Questions

No, when any updates in the app will be notified in parents phone.

As long as the child is using social media platforms, we will monitor and track threats to ensure the child is safe and healthy.

One Account for One family. Yes, you heard ir right. A parent can add multiple phones to track and monitor.